No Cost and Low Cost Surveillance Testing and Treatment Resources:


Affordable Care Act - Health Insurance for Individuals With Pre-Existing Conditions

Connecticut Colorectal Cancer Control Program 410 Capitol Avenue,

MS #11CCS Hartford, CT 06134 860-509-7804


Health Resources for those who live in Connecticut


Gastro Center No Cost Colonoscopy Screening


Connecticut Colorectal Program (Low Cost-No Cost Colonoscopies)


Yale Cancer Center, an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center, New Haven, CT.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Western Connecticut Health Network, Danbury Hospital, Milbury Hospital  (Genetic Testing)


Listed within these resources are HRSA federally funded health centers which offer medical services to individuals even if they don't have insurance.  Services are provided on fees based upon an ability to pay.  It is important for those who have Lynch syndrome to realize there are resources for cancer screening, once diagnosed.

The HRSA facilities are family health centers and are often operated by general practitioners and women's medical health professionals.  It is important to use these facilities in a manner of first consulting the GP and providing him with the family history for assessment.  The GP will then order specific testing and make referrals as needed, to other facilities which offer services which are provided on fees based upon an ability to pay.

As well, resources include the CDC and other states' Colonoscopy programs, which are also provided with fees which are based upon an ability to pay.

Complete List of Connecticut HRSA Health Centers for Low Cost, No Cost Primary Care



Ann's Place, Danbury, CT   Support and Resources for Women With Cancer