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Lynch Syndrome International is an all volunteer organization with NO person, within the organization, personally compensated for their good efforts.

The Directors of LSI are all Survivors, Previvors, Medical Professionals and those who care for us and who have a special knowledge and experience with Lynch syndrome.

The heart of LSI is within our global regions and within the regional representatives and dozens of LSI volunteers as they operate the grass roots public awareness programs, learn of the resources available in the area for those with Lynch syndrome and provide public awareness to members of the community and local support to those with Lynch syndrome.  Our representatives, when available, do travel on a regional basis to conferences, exhibitions and public events and do speak locally on behalf of public awareness for Lynch syndrome.

Lynch Syndrome International volunteers  come from all walks of life, come in all ages, all  colors and some speak various different languages. exactly the same as the diverse populations in our communities as Lynch syndrome is not discriminatory.  It doesn't care if you are black, brown, yellow, red or white, or male or female, or a specific religion or sexual preference.  It prefers the young but will strike at any age...therefore, we have developed a network of Moms, Dads, students, caretakers and everyday people with Lynch syndrome or who are familiar with Lynch syndrome to be available to be there during time of need.

Lynch Syndrome International offers "Buddy to Buddy" networking whereupon individuals at high risk for Lynch syndrome can meet and interact with others who are also at high risk.  Our regional representatives provide support for individuals who have Lynch syndrome through the "Buddy to Buddy" program.  To make certain you are immediately contacted by someone who shares your interests and your background, contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by phone at 707-689-5089. 

Only those who have had a personal experience with Lynch syndrome can truly understand the feelings individuals go through with the initial diagnosis of Lynch syndrome and/or the cancers of Lynch syndrome.  Our mission is to be here for one another.