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Thank you for considering donating to LSI.

Lynch Syndrome International is a 501 (c)(3) public charity, IRS Tax ID 27-0571530. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

LSI is an all volunteer organization and no person involved with it is compensated for their good efforts. As such, our operational costs are minimal and all donations are utilized toward project based efforts. One hundred percent of donated funds are utilized toward LSI targeted projects and basic operating costs. Ten percent of all general donations received is targeted toward assistance in financing research endeavors and ten percent of all non-targeted contributions is directed toward providing financial assistance for patients. The remaining funding goes toward our public awareness projects, including Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancer Public Awareness Day each March 22nd of each year, providing tens of thousands of physicians with information on Lynch syndrome each year, exhibiting at trade shows, working with organizations and coalitions to promote Lynch syndrome awareness and education, sponsoring Lynch syndrome events through the country and across the globe, distribution of publications, creation and distribution of radio spots, recruiting for Lynch syndrome clinical trials and advocating for hereditary cancers with state and federal lawmakers.

In order to stretch every dollar received, we operate on a shoe string and are truly depression proof. In lieu of paying the over $200,000 cost of maintaining a headquarters, expensive insurances and benefits, staffing and other overhead, we work off modern technology, receiving our software for meetings, communication and conferencing from in-kind donations or though nonprofit donation services. We strongly rely upon in-kind donations for operational cost line items and for conversion into cash, such as our Ebay auctions.

Currently, approximately ninety (5%) percent of our cash funding is derived from the generosity and passionate commitment of members of our Board of Directors. Approximately 85% comes from our base of those affected by Lynch syndrome and 10% from corporate sponsorship. We anticipate this to dramatically change in the future as corporate and civic groups have begun to embrace us, during our fourth year of operation.

Every dollar counts! Each is the equivalent of nine brochures. $50 is the equivalent of 500 brochures, one of which most likely will reach a Lynch syndrome family and perhaps save five to ten lives from inherited cancers.

LSI operates as a true nonprofit, in every sense of the word and our success is directly attributed to the outstanding volunteers who are passionate in working with us, in a grassroots manner, throughout the world.



Lynch Syndrome International utilizes JUSTGIVE.ORG, a nonprofit organization, to process all our online and credit card donations. It is a fast and user friendly process to contribute toward a very worth cause that will protect families and save lives. Simply click on the green link below.


We also utilize Paypal.

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Lynch Syndrome International


Another method for contribution is through This occurs by utilizing merchants, nationwide, who will donate a certain percentage of what is spent to LSI. We encourage individuals to consider this by simply registering with them and shopping with their online merchants.



If you wish to contribute by check, please mail the check, made payable to Lynch Syndrome International to:


  • Lynch Syndrome International
  • 3650 South Pointe Circle  Suite 205-9
  • Laughlin, Nevada  89029
  • 702-298-3911


If you have any questions about donating, please don't hesitate to contact us at the phone number listed above or through email.


Thank you for your compassion. You may rest assured your contribution will protect families and save lives.











Myriad Genetics, Inc.







  • Champion Exposition Services (Exhibition Space)
  • Kraft Foods Foundation
  • Minerva Medical Communications
  • Oxford Communications
  • Estes Refrigeration
  • Merit Dining Group, Santa Monica, CA.
  • Kaiser Permanente - Northern California
  • Cumuli, Inc., Manchester, Washington
  • Delve, LLC
  • Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program, Boston, MA.
  • U.S. Cellular
  • Beckett Gas, Inc.
  • Metro Exhibits
  • Myriad Genetics
  • Edward Jones Investments
  • ASCO
  • NCCN
  • American Society of Human Genetics
  • National Coalition of Oncological Nurse Navigators
  • Midwest Regional Chapter Of the American Cancer Society
  • American College of Physicians
  • National College of Physicians, Northern California Region
  • Intuit
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe Systems
  • Pier 39, San Francisco
  • Citrix
  • Genetic Alliance
  • Google, Inc.
  • N2N Security
  • OMED
  • Ohio Talent Seekers
  • Tahoe Joe's Restaurants
  • University of California, Davis Medical School
  • California State Department of Public Health
  • International Congress of Human Genetics
  • Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation
  • Soroptomist International
  • Amgen, Inc.
  • WG Health Systems
  • Canvas and Cocktails, Inc., Denver, Colorado
  • Lamar Signs, Topeka, Kansas
  • Your Cause Trustee for PG&E

A Special Thank You To the Following Persons Who Are Dedicated Toward Those With Lynch Syndrome and Who Have Contributed Immensely Toward Lynch Syndrome International by Donating Time, Services, In-Kind Donations, Promoting Lynch Syndrome, or Direct Contributions To Lynch Syndrome International Projects:




  • Dr. Sapna Syngal - Dana Farber
  • Dr. Henry Lynch - Creighton University
  • Dr. Uri Ladabaum, Stanford University
  • Anya Prince - Cancer Legal Resource Center
  • Scott Weissman, MS, Northshore University Health System
  • Dr. Patrick Lynch, MD Anderson
  • Dr. Stephen Lanspa, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Dr. Hans Vasen, Leiden, Holland
  • Dr. Jane Green
  • Dr. Dawna Gilchrist
  • Sir John Burn, Great Britain
  • Dr. William Grady, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
  • Dr. John Potter, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
  • Dr. Rick Boland
  • Deb Duquette, Michigan Department of Public Health
  • Peggy Cooper, University of California, San Francisco
  • Robin Bennett, University of Washington
  • Cristi Radford
  • Margo Thelan
  • Deb Duquette
  • Andy Pignataro Agency
  • A Little Insight, Vacaville
  • Northshore Healthcare
  • Sloan-Kettering
  • MD Anderson
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Ami Blanco, UCSF
  • Dr. Noralene Lindor, Mayo Clinic
  • Jackson Medical Supply
  • Delva LLC
  • San Francisco Giants Players
  • Toyota of Vacaville
  • Western Digital Corp.
  • Meyers Corp.
  • Resenser Hotels
  • Napa Valley Wine Train
  • Pier 39, San Francisco, California
  • De Young Museums
  • San Jose Sharks
  • San Diego Chargers
  • Oakland Raiders
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Vida Blue
  • Brandon Crawford
  • Michael Huff
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Jeffrey Leonard
  • Shawn Estes
  • Scott Garretts
  • Mark Davis
  • Jack Clark
  • JT Snow
  • Chili Davis
  • Disneyland
  • Knotts Berry Farm
  • Kasey's Kreations, Mexia, Texas
  • Chardonnay Golf Club, Napa, California
  • Mustards Bar and Grill, Napa, California
  • Pampered Chef
  • Waste Management Corporation
  • Simmons Management Group, College Park, Maryland
  • David Wakefield
  • Blue Ridge Services, Abingdon, VA.
  • Judith Ruggiero
  • Susan Olson
  • John Nelson
  • Dr. Elizabeth Herrman
  • Myriad Genetics
  • D.L. Ryan Companies, Ltd.
  • Cabana Pools, Houston, Texas
  • Edward Jones Company
  • The Rhoades Family
  • The James Snelling Family for Jason Snelling
  • The Samson Family
  • The Stephen and Linda Bruzzone Family for Hap Snelling, Marcella Snelling Jacob
  • The Beth Fairfanks Family
  • The John and Cheryl Stark Family
  • The Fabiani Family
  • The Hamilton Family
  • The Michael O'Hara Family
  • Eileen Grubba
  • The Joseph Roberson Family
  • Maureen Clark Family
  • The Mandy Matthews Family
  • Julie Libman Family
  • Cheng Family In Dedication of Uygen Tran
  • The Jamie Loveland Family in Dedication of the Lynady Family
  • Alexis N. Smith
  • Brian Sullivan
  • Robert Burke Family
  • Roque Collazo Family
  • Joey Crupi
  • Joshua Harris
  • Anthony Giordano Family In Dedication of Jennifer Palumbo
  • Frederick Barbieri Family for Jennifer Palumbo
  • Donna Harran for Jennifer Palumbo
  • Joseph D. Crupi Family for Jennifer Palumbo
  • Margaret Spinelli in the name of Louis Maniscalco and in the memory of Amy Maniscalco
  • in the name of Josephine and Mike Reitano
  • Amy Berman
  • Dr. Alison Beltzer
  • Spinetto Family
  • John Ranieri Family
  • The Stephanie Meyers Family
  • Frank and Helen Bruzzone Trust
  • JoAnn De Francesco
  • Constance Menafee
  • Alyssa Moss dedicated to Carolyn Moss
  • Anonymous dedicated to Steve and Linda Bruzzone
  • Brian Sullivan dedicated to Joseph Crupi
  • Terrie Arnold Family
  • Sally Ortgies Family
  • Dr. Sypna Syngal, Dana Farber
  • The Popa Family in Honor of the Birthday of Linda Manson
  • Linda L. Gibb in Honor Of The Birthday of Linda Manson
  • Gail Kennedy In Honor of The Birthday of Linda Manson
  • The Philip Alward Family
  • The Virginia Brannan Family
  • Janet Peirce Family
  • Jennifer Taylor Family
  • Margaret Davison Family
  • Dr. Sypna Syngal, Dana Farber
  • Bernard A. and Gabrielle Fenster Family
  • R Ramspacher Family
  • The Caspers Family
  • JoAnn DeFrancesco
  • Selena Martinez Family
  • Leanna Dabney Family
  • Kelli Uldahl Family
  • Kringle Family
  • Andy Pignataro Agency
  • A Little Insight, Vacaville, CA.
  • Toyota Vacaville
  • Serrato Family
  • Ashley Thompson
  • Helen Reynolds
  • Jay Yerkes
  • Robert Spratt Family
  • Brownridge Family
  • Judith Reed
  • Vaughn Family
  • Barb Kringle
  • The Gilbert Family
  • Lynn Tufield in Honor of the Birthday of Eileen Grubba
  • The Gillingham Family
  • The Stevenson Family
  • The Knights Family
  • The C. Serrato Family
  • Ashley N. Thompson
  • Helen Reynolds
  • Jay Yerkes
  • The Robert Spratt Family
  • Ludwig Family
  • K.F. Brownridge Family
  • K. Vaughn Family
  • Richard Brown Family
  • Betty Beaird
  • Lynn Marie Killops
  • In Honor of the Summer Family
  • In Honor of the Caspers Family
  • Latwa-Koko Family
  • Ken Oxley
  • Tim Krenik in Honor of Julie Krenik
  • Gabrielle Fenster in the Memory of Mary Augustine
  • In Memory of Kate Murphy
  • M. Martin Family
  • VonMosch Family
  • The Jill Chang Family
  • The Hufford Family
  • J. Bennett Family
  • Barry Bresler Family
  • David Wortman Family
  • Jamie Loveland In Honor of Jenn
  • John Sawasky Family
  • Kim and Kathleen Sawasky Family
  • C. Lennon Family
  • E. Longmore Family
  • P. Whitworth Family
  • Sharon Francz
  • Myra Martin
  • Beth Darmstadter
  • Elizabeth OBrien
  • Glenn Brown
  • Emily Atkins
  • Cindy McClain

    Through extensive family tree research and genetic counseling, the seven children of Sam and Audrey Wetzel, one by one were genetically tested for Lynch Syndrome following the death of their mother, Audrey, who passed away, March 7, 1991, of colorectal cancer.

    Three children were diagnosed, Stephanie Wetzel-Toole, Marlene Wetzel-Bloomfield and Gerri Wetzel-Schoutko who are now undergoing a journey of embracing life. Together, with family and friends, they created a family organization...The Sisterhood of the Traveling Genes, to create public awareness and is supporting LSI.

    Their journey continues….with 19 children, between Stephanie(7), Marlene(7), and Gerri(5), they now face the task of having each of the children genetically tested, praying they flipped the coin heads up and did not inherit Lynch Syndrome.

    It is a journey to be proactive… Aug. 2012 Marlene Wetzel-Bloomfield had a complete hysterectomy followed by Stephanie Wetzel-Toole who had her complete hysterectomy in Dec. 2012. Having this surgery Stephanie and Marlene removed a huge part of the risk of developing endometrial cancer. With all pathology reports clear for Marlene and Stephanie they both breathed a sigh of relief.

    A journey that has thankfully had all three sisters getting colonoscopies proactively for 15 years. Knowing their mother died so young and so fast, we wanted honor her memory and be proactive in their health.

    Stephanie and Marlene’s journey is not over. To remain cancer free they will have to be vigilant with our health and stay on top of our wellness with yearly screenings.

    A journey that led their family to find out Gerri Wetzel- Schoutko, who in Jan. 2012 became the seventh family member to be diagnosed with cancer. At age 44, nine years after her first cancer diagnosis, Gerri was diagnosed with a second cancer, Endometrial Cancer.

    A journey that has recently shown the cancer, malignant thymoma, that Gerri was diagnosed with nine years ago at age 36 has reoccurred.

    And, finally, a journey which lead them to step out of themselves and into the world to promote public awareness for others and to live outside honor of them...and of their family which is standing behind one another and helping others.


    Beth Darmstadter, honoring Marlene Wetzel-Bloomfield,  Elizabeth O'Brien in the name of Stephanie Wetzel-Toole

    Glenn Brown, Emily M. Adkins in the name of Stephanie Toole, Cindy McClain, Teresa and Joel Andreani in the name of Stephanie Wetzel Toole

    Anthony LaCerva, Jennifer Lybarger, Alan Chonco, Elaine Breiner in the name of Team Courage and Stephanie Wetzel Toole

    Jessica Kaminski, Anna P. Schoutko in honor of Gerri Wetzel Schoutko, Jeremiah and Diane M. Dunleavy

    D.C. and Paula Thompson, Timothy and Mimi R. Burke, Ellen Breiner in honor of Stephanie Wetzel-Toole

    Debbie Donofrio in honor of Stephanie Wetzel-Toole, Timothy Murnane in honor of Stephanie Wetzel-Toole, Jesse Sawyer

    Linda Carter, Brenda Budzar, Sandra Maggio, Mary Ellen Volpe, Daniel Jones


  • Marlene Wetzel-Bloomfield Family                                       Mary Ellen Volpe
  • Stephanie Wetzel-Toole Family                                           Sandra Mazzeo
  • Daniel Jones                                                                     Teresa and Joel Andreni Family
  • Anthony LaCerva Family                                                    Jennifer Lybarger Family
  • Alan Chonco Family                                                           Elaine Breiner
  • Jessica Kaminski                                                               Anna P. Schoutko
  • Gerri Wetzel Schoutko                                                       Jeremiah Dunleavy Family
  • Timothy and Mimi Burke Family                                          DC and Paul Thompson Family
  • Debbie Donofrio                                                                Bethany Jackson
  • Marc Ramsey Family                                                          Jesse Sawyer
  • Lynda Carter                                                                     Timothy Murnane
  • Terry Zimmer                                                                    Mariellen Griffith Family
  • Peter Bennett                                                                     Sandra Mazzeo Team Courage
  • Thomas Bullock in honor of Stephanie Wetzel-Toole               Margo Aprile
  • Jeannie Silver in the name of  Team Courage                        Patrick Ilwee in the name of Stephanie Toole
  • Bethany Jackson in the name of Kerry Murphy-Duarte            Daniel Stefancin
  • Nassim and Corinne Lynch                                                   Kevin and Melissa Meehan in n/o Stephanie Toole
  • A & J Colarusso                                                                  Glen and Tony Northrop in the name of Wetzel-Toole
  • Danette and Edwin Arlinghaus                                              Patrick  and Cynthia Hyland
  • Sheila T. Becker                                                                  Arthur and Diana M. Gold
  • Michael and Maureen Chambers                                            Christopher and Amy Kemp
  • David and Tamara Show                                                      Joseph and Ann Schleckman
  • Robert and Elizabeth Bullock                                                 Diane and James Ridge
    Thomas Jordan and Mary Ellen Jordan                                    Brian and Ann Horning
  • David and Chr istine McCallum                                              Mary Anne and David Smith
  • Gina and Dino Tianello                                                          Maryann and Thomas Boyer
  • Daniel and Anna Slattery                                                       Laura Wise-Maher
  • Timothy and Nancy Rowell  Team Courage                             Thomas E. Giffels and Ann Giffels
  • Julia and Jeffrey Tullos                                                          Richard and Catherine A. McCarthy
  • Michelle and Jonathan Jarc                                                    Dawn and T heodore Bilski    
  • Brendan and Mary Gannon                                                    John Coleman
  • Robert and Josephine Litten                                                   Gregory and Marlene Bloomfield
  • Judy Kautmowan                                                                  Kurt and Susan Brocone
  • Janet Tyburski                                                                      Suzanne Olesksy
  • Gilbert and Barbara Sherman                                                 Jennifer Ontko
  • Matthew and Melinda Lashutka                                               Toni Northrop
  • Elaine Breiner                                                                      Anonymous in the Name of Janice Rettig
  •               Team Courage - Sisterhood of the Traveling Genes 2014 - Jill Chang Gang - With Gratitude
  • Dawn and  Theodore Bilski                 Mary Jo and David Farr                   T.C. and J.L. Andreani  
  • Carol D. Fier                                        Peter and Pamela Barnes              John R. Coleman
  • Peter Barnes and Katherine Barnes   William & Celia Dorsch                    Brendan and Mary Gannon
  • Joseph & Ann Schleckman                   Janice & James Rettig                    Patrick & Cynthia Hyland
  • Karen Levis                                         Todd and Mary Gannon                 Arthur and Diana Gold
  • Gary and Ann Bish                               Caroline R. Evilsizer                      Gina and Dino Tianello
  • Timothy and Patricia Jarus                   Dennis and Barbara Unger           Vicki and John DeMarco
  • Timothy and Dawn Liston                    David and Christina McCallum       Christian Chang
  • Glenn Brown                                        Duane Kunze                                 Mary Gannon
  • Janice Rettig                                        Tony Northrop                                Peter Kwiatkowski
  • Elaine Breiner                                       Michelle George                             Kathleen Markling
  • Laura Grahovac                                    Kelsie Brown                                  Glen Brown
  • Duane Kunze                                        James Power for Mary Gannon      Anonymous for Janice Rettig
  • Sherry Parker                                       Frederick Slezak                             Matthew Zugg
  • Cindy Leonard                                      Laura VanDale                               Laime Breiner
  • Chantal Walsh                                      Lauren Lowell                                Madyson Kessler
  • Halle Krells                                            Linda Mathers                               Hannah Allenson
  • Isabelle Romeo                                     Cari Cisar                                      Phil Kasumell
  • Kathy Francescani                                 Susan Streitel                               Rebecca Wetzel
  • Hannah Marek                                       Kelly Reissue                                Dede MacNamee Gold
  • Jessica Paul                                           Maggie Hoffert                              Elaine Gregory
  • Iselin Dimacchia                                     Louise Gorman                             Jordan Family
  • Mindy Conway                                       Rose Zychowski                            Brian Conroy
  • Kari Horning                                          Katie Barnes                                 Michelle Klepatzi
  • Becky Boatmen                                     Anne Giffels                                  Katie Marklin
  • Melissa LeMasters                                 Marie McNamara                            Jacob Ott
  • Susan Lattham                                      Julie Herman                                Tony Northrop
  • Elaine Breiner                                       Anonymous for Janice Rettig           Kathleen Markling
  • Ginger Withers-Withers, allace Hawthorne House dedicated toward Jill Chang
  • Jane Deutschle in honor of Linda S. Mather, Mollie Mather in honor of Linda Mather, dedicated to Betty Simpson
  • Carolyn Dumond in Memory of Brad Horn, Daniel Dicesare in dedication to Linda Mather   
  • Michelle George in the name of Jill Chang
  • James Powers in the name of Mary Gannon
  • Mary Popa In honor of Linda Manson
  • Linda L. Gibb in honor of Linda Manson

    The Mathews Family in honor of Laura Leigh Wetsel and Rebecca Martin

    The Nagel Family in honor of Laura Leigh Wetsel and Rebecca Martin

    The Vaughn Family in honor of Laura Leigh Wetsel and Rebecca Martin
  • Edward and Lori Hunt Family
  • Daniela Dau
  • Brenda Moore
  • Robert and Karen Gay Family
  • Patty and Brad Whitson Family
  • Richard and Audra Alexander Family
  • Barry Jackson
  • William and June Smith Family
  • Timothy and Rebecca Wortman Family
  • Rita Kiscaden
  • Leo and Cindy Thurlow Family
  • Michael and Sarah Haas Family
  • Michael Wortman Family
  • Robert Sims Family
  • David and Debra Wortman Family
  • Joseph and Jennifer Holifield Family
  • Tonya and Chris Duckett Family
  • Susan Snapp Family
  • Gregory and Sandra Fahn Family
  • John and Linda Maloney Family
  • Guy and Pamela Austin Family
  • Gary and Kim Wright Family
  • Bryan and Misty Hawk Family
  • Kathy Thomason Family
  • Lee and Jamie House Family
  • Thomas and Mary Graham Family
  • Stewart and Kris Fisher Family
  • Tony and Tammy Harmon Family
  • Donna McCarty Family
  • Matthew and Kristie Carr Family
  • Patrician Wiesehan Family
  • Lindsey M. Wortman Family
  • Brad and Vanessa Baker Family
  • Daniel Jones Family
  • Oneida Hotaling-Covert Family in Honor of Jen Schoen and All Those With Lynch Syndrome
  • Angelo and Sharon Centrone Family
  • Clinton and Rebecca Carson Family
  • Louise and James Alexander Family
  • Wendy Silverman Family
  • Judy Mitchell Family
  • Larry Geier Family dedicated to Danielle Ripley Burgesss
  • Natia Porter, memorializing Lela Betsukeli
  • Janelle Guthrie dedicated to Gene and Jeanette Foster
  • Margaret Spinelli dedicated to Josephine and Mike Reitano in memory of Amy Maniscalco
  • Margaret Spinelli dedicated to Louis Maniscalco, in memory of Amy Maniscalco
  • Bethany Jackson dedicated to Kerry Murphy Duarte
  • Diana Catargiu
  • Kathlelen Weinberg, With Sympa thy to the Family of Lawrence Heidenreich
  • Scott Yount
  • Reagan Callahan
  • David Hayes
  • Sarah Kneller
  • Dana Catargiu
  • Kathleen Weinberg
  • Scott Yount
  • Reagan Callahan
  • Linda Mather
  • Linda Ronca in Memory of Paula Rubin
  • Patricia Elliott
  • Cathy Mills
  • Mary Bolton in the name of Chris Bolton
  • Barbara Kringle Family
  • Susan Rosen in the name of Cathy Nobil Dutton
  • Jennifer Cords in the name of Dianna Olnhauser
  • Rae Therrien Family
  • Cheryl Stark Family In the name of Linda and Steve Bruzzone
  • William Harb, MD, Nashville TN
  • Julie Libman
  • Douglas L. and Tonja Baker Family
  • Jamie Loveland in Honor of Jenn
  • Bethany Jackson in honor of Kerry Murphy-Duarte
  • Scott Eaton in honor of Michelle George
  • Angela Teles in memory of Paula Rubin
  • Susan Rosen dedicated to Cathy Nobil Dutton
  • Rae Therrien Family
  • Mary Bolton dedicated to Chris Bolton
  • Jennifer Cords dedicated to Dianna Olnhausen
  • Updated 4/9/2014

  • Step Out In Style With LSI Bling!!!!!
  • ...with this stunning Lynch syndrome awareness bracelet, and help
  • Lynch Syndrome International save lives and protect families, as well!  




Hand crafted from luster pearls, with a Swavorski crystal core, the sheen of the

Lynch cancer colored pearls are radiant, as each is centered between beautiful, Swavorski

crystals...graduating back toward sterling silver coated beads.  A beautiful, subtle,

quality item for all the women in the family, representing support and remembrance of all

those loved ones who have lived and lost as a result of Lynch syndrome, it serves as an everconstant reminder to always remember to embrace the beauty of life.


Reflecting the colors of the cancers of Lynch syndrome,

the pearls and silver beads  represent:


Gold (Yellow) - Childhood Cancer and Bladder Cancer

Teal -Ovarian Cancer

Dark Blue - Colorectal Cancer

Pink (Peach) Endometrial and Breast Cancer

Lavender - Pancreatic, Esophagael

Silver - Gynecological Cancer (New Zealand)

      Ovarian Cancer, Australia

Brain Cancers

Muir Torre

Green:  Renal Pelvic Cancer

        Liver Cancer

Periwinkle Blue:  Prostate Cancer  - Esophagael Cancer


The one difference between the bracelet depicted and that actually delivered is a

periwinkle blue pearl resting between the gold pearl and the sterling pearls, which

makes it even more beautiful.


This classy bracelet is a great way of making a very strong statement of empowerment.  It is perfect as a gift for your loved ones, or for the physician, the genetic counselor, or that very special nurse who cared for you or your loved ones!  Delivered in a beautiful, quality box and just in time for Christmas!  


Sizes:   Small (6")   Medium (6.5")  or Large (7")         


Order yours today......


$32 per bracelet covers postage, handling and for those in California, California State tax.  Buy more than one and save!  Two for $60, three for $87, four for $110 and 5 or more at $26 each!


Order by sending a check to:


Lynch Syndrome International

3650 South Pointe Circle  Suite 245-9

Laughlin, Nevada 89209 


or pay by Pay-Pal (See previous page for the link) providing your address and telephone number for mailing and the number and sizes of bracelets desired.  (This may indicate donation, however the purchase of goods does not qualify for tax deducations and in abidance with state and federal laws, LSI does not issue receipts for purchase of goods.  




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