One must not forget that recovery is brought about not by the physician, but by the sick man himself. He heals himself, by his own power, exactly as he walks by means of his own power, or eats, or thinks, breathes or sleeps.


~George Groddeck



Study after study has exalted the power of exercise for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer.  Exercise is key to survival and longevity in life.

Cancer treatment can be devastating to the normal functions of our bodies, wasting muscles and weakening us.  Exercise keeps the muscles working and the body flowing in rhythm with itself, much the same as the inner workings of a clock.  Everything operates in sync with one another and we keep ticking!

When we exercise, it eliminates a number of the short and long term side effects from treatment and deters the growth of new cancers.

  • It helps us rest and sleep better, allowing our bodies to repair themselves without distraction.
  • It reduces fatigue.
  • It repairs muscular deficiencies.
  • It keeps us flexible and enhances dexterity and balance.
  • It cleanses our bodies of unwanted toxins.
  • It increases strength and muscle tone.
  • It supplies oxygen to the body, the brain, the cells and the blood, enabling them to ward off cancers and enhances resistance.
  • It reduces blood sugars upon which cancers thrive.
  • It makes us feel good!


Psychologically, exercise has its benefits:

  • It helps us relax and minimizes stress.
  • It elevates our moods.
  • It induces a sense of empowerment and reduces the feeling of vulnerability.
  • It makes us strong and confident, thus instilling hope.


Each of us could come up with several dozen excuses not to exercise but that takes as much energy as exercise takes.  Rationalizing reasons not to exercise is pretty counter productive.  Further, its conflicts with the rest of our character which advocates we CAN acheive anything we set our mind to acheive, including survival.

With that in mind, it basically comes down to "where do we start?"  And the answer to that is very easy...all we have to do is look deep into ourselves, reflect to the past, think about applying it to the present and simply doing it, in the future.



Close your eyes and take yourself back to when you were eighteen years old.  Its Saturday morning, the sun is shining and you were eager to leap out of bed and do.....what?  Was it play tennis, go swimming, hike, walk around town with your friends, roller skate, ice skate, ski, run, dance?  Did you go bowling, ride a horse, ride a bicycle, go sailing, canoe?  Did you go to work and buck hay or stack boxes or ride the surf on a surfboard or boogie board? Was it sledding or enjoying the smells of autumn while raking leaves?

When did we lose our passions to do those things?  Life is full of adventures and we'll only find them if we get up off our couches or easy chairs and get out into the world.  Relive your youth and do all the things you loved doing.

Exercise doesn't have to be can be fun and educational.  Grab a basketball andput the kids or the grand kids to shame by showing off your skills and tossing a few buckets!  Listen to beautiful music and dance with a friend on the back lawn, under the stars.  Dust off that mitt and race out to catch a few fly balls or attach that leash to the collar of the dog and take him to the park where you can play ball together.

Life is about people and relationships and exercise can be a lot of fact too much fun to do alone.  Grab your friends, members of your family or fellow survivors and jump into it!

Almost everything in life involves exercise and activity...its just a matter of getting out there!

Oh, by the way, if you don't like this message, then go fly a kite, jump in a lake, take a hike.  Just do something that gets you moving!