Dr. Clement R. Boland, known as "Rick " Boland, brings to the Lynch Syndrome International Medical Advisory Board an extremely wide perspective of Lynch syndrome--that of a physician and researcher and that of living within a family that has sustained inherited cancer.

     Born on October 19, 1947 and growing up in Endwell, New York, he went on to graduate from Notre Dame University and, as his father, pursue medicine, graduating from the Yale School of Medicine in 1973. 

     Dr. Boland was one of the very first early researchers of Lynch syndrome writing his medical degree thesis on inherited cancer in 1972, and as with Dr. Lynch, remained persistent in research of families with inherited cancers despite popular medical opinion, at that time, that cancer was not inherited.

      At that time, Dr. Boland contacted Dr. Lynch, who one year earlier, had published a story in "Cancer" and described a family very much like Dr. Boland's.  The rest is history and as a result many lives have been saved as a result of his dedication, tenacity and passionate research.

      We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Boland on our Medical Advisory Board.  He is open and has a keen understanding of Lynch syndrome survivors and Lynch syndrome families, as well as a very down to earth, effective form of communication in relaying information to individuals without medical backgrounds.

      Besides being a terrific guy, he's a great researcher and a wonderful doctor.  We are truly blessed and owe Dr. Boland a debt of gratitude for the contributions he has made which have contributed to sustaining our lives.   


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