Dr. Hans F.A. Vasen has dedicated himself toward the research of hereditary cancers, and most specifically to Lynch syndrome, for over twenty-five years.  He has held and present holds numerous positions on the Board of Directors of various organizations and national and international societies for hereditary cancers.

The Administrative Director for the International Society for Gastrointestinal Hereditary Tumours (InSight) chairman of several national collaborative study groups and Editor-In Chief of Familial Cancer (Springer Publishers,) he began his career in Leiden, Holland.

He joined the staff at the Department of Gastroenterology at the Leiden University Medical Center in 1985, as well as became the Medical Director of the Netherlands Foundation for the Detection of Hereditary Tumours. 

Dr. Vasen qualified in General Internal Medicine from the University Medicl Center in Utrecht and completed his thesis entitled, "Screen for Hereditary Tumours" in 1989 at the University of Utrecht.

Since, he has been involved in the development of guidelines which have set standards in the determination of probability of Lynch syndrome as well as published over 250 papers.

He has long held a passion for inherited cancers, has dedicated his life toward the research of Lynch syndrme and has advaned the technology available to Lynch survivors and previvors dramatically, creating an enormous, positive impact upon our lives.  We are very grateful for such dedication, which has kept many of us alive and are honored to have him sit on the Medical Advisory Board.

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