involvedBig hearted, strong willed,courageous individuals to help LSI achieve our mission or protecting families and saving lives!  Minimum qualifications:


Must have passion, warmth, commitment, loyalty and dedication for active, busy, exciting position. Work from your own home. Set your own hours. Up and coming organization with great coworkers. Occasional travel ! Meet new people.

We are a not for profit, 501(c)(3)  volunteer organization and propel forward on people power, fueled by passion and commitment to protect families and save lives.


We are seeking volunteers who are willing to fill the following volunteer positions and/or assist with one, two or even all of the following tasks:


Regional Grassroots Coordinators

  • Manage LSI Operations in your region:

  • Facilitate the LSI Buddy to Buddy Program

  • Facilitate Regional LSI Support Groups

  • Arrange and Organize Relay for Life Events

  • Conduct Regional Public Awareness Campaigns for LSI

  • Occasional travel to regional conferences

  • Organize Regional Fundraising Events

  • Report Events and Activities for Newsletter


Internet Communications Coordinator who, by email, will contact public agencies, organizations, medical centers, etc., to link to our website  and maintain content on their sites about Lynch syndrome.


Thousands of Volunteers who will

  • Act as buddies to newly diagnosed previvors and survivors

  • Work with LSI at four annual public awareness events

  • Open up your hearts and your souls to journalists for public awareness events

  • Participate in educational outreach events such as Relay for Life and local conventions.

  • Distribute LSI publications to medical offices and other targeted locations.

  • Participate in Relay for Life Events, promoting Lynch syndrome and hereditary cancers

  • Work at local events, educating others about Lynch syndrome

  • Participate in fundraising efforts for LSI

Utilize life and learned skills to enhance the organization, including assisting in writing grants, soliciting organizations for fundraising, making radio spots, filming television ads, writing articles for newspapers, conducting studies of insurance company coverage, medical physicians volunteering services for genetic testing and for screening, researching and providing local resources for individuals with cancers, etc.  There is no end to what one can do to volunteer.


  • Lobby local lawmakers for badly needed changes

  • Engage in organized letter writing campaigns to change guidelines and enhance screening measures.

  • Raise funding for research

  • Get involved in clinical trials, providing needed information to protect families and save future generations.



We realize, as Survivors, sometimes the energy simply isn’t as robust as our hearts and our passions.  We understand, admire and respect the priorities of family, friends and simply living life to the fullest, as it should be…so please don’t volunteer more than what you can comfortably offer, without jeopardizing any other commitment in your life.  There are many, many survivors who are working as hard as forty hours a week and many who can only do several hours a month.  That is fine…we can all contribute in our own way…WE are the ones who will make the needed changes!


Between all of us, we should be able to move mountains…and win battles…on our terms…one life and one family at a time…


Jill Chang, RN, Survivor – Advocacy Director – Ohio


Please contact us in order to volunteer!