Lynch syndrome awareness bracelet


Hand crafted from luster pearls, with a Swavorski crystal core, the sheen of the Lynch cancer colored pearls are radiant, as each is centered between beautiful, Swavorski crystals…graduating back toward sterling silver coated beads.  A beautiful, subtle, quality item for all the women in the family, representing support and remembrance of all those loved ones who have lived and lost as a result of Lynch syndrome, it serves as an everconstant reminder to always remember to embrace the beauty of life.


Reflecting the colors of the cancers of Lynch syndrome, the pearls and silver beads  represent:

Gold (Yellow) – Childhood Cancer and Bladder Cancer

Teal -Ovarian Cancer

Dark Blue – Colorectal Cancer

Pink (Peach) Endometrial and Breast Cancer

Lavender – Pancreatic, Esophagael

Silver – Gynecological Cancer (New Zealand) Ovarian Cancer, Australia, Brain Cancers,Muir Torre

Green:  Renal, Pelvic Cancer, Liver Cancer

Periwinkle Blue:  Prostate Cancer  – Esophagael Cancer


The one difference between the bracelet depicted and that actually delivered is a periwinkle blue pearl resting between the gold pearl and the sterling pearls, which makes it even more beautiful.

This classy bracelet is a great way of making a very strong statement of empowerment.  It is perfect as a gift for your loved ones, or for the physician, the genetic counselor, or that very special nurse who cared for you or your loved ones!  Delivered in a beautiful, quality box and makes a great gift!

Sizes:   Small (6″)   Medium (6.5″)  or Large (7″)